Sales leaflet.00 Rolleiflex.5F.
35 pages, tagged blaster pro keygen 90x125mm.00 Iloca Rapid I, IL IIL instruction book.
79 pages, 180x125mm, text.
95x205mm, date coded 12-57.Sales catalogue.00 Photopia Professional Catalogue 1962-63 (Plaubel Peco cameras Durst enlargers etc.).191 pages, 255x255mm, hardback.Sales leaflet.00 Braun Gloriette.12 pages, 120x135mm Sold Yashica M-II instruction book.33 pages, 110x150mm.00 Zeiss Contina I (Ia, 526/24) instruction book.May 1999 reprint of February 1994 1st edition.16 pages, 110x150mm, date coded 11-60.00 Agfa Selecta instruction book.23 pages, 105x150mm.00 Ricohmatic 44 instruction book.Sales catalogue.00 Leica.29 pages, 120x150mm, date coded 08-79.00 Leica M4-P instruction book.Sales catalogue.00 Instructions for close-ups and Photomicrography with the Exakta Varex.12 pages, 90x125mm.00 Yashica YK instruction book.Sales leaflet.00 Zeiss Nettar II (517/16) instruction book.183 pages, 150x215mm, hardback.00, leica M7 Handbook.
27 pages, 105x150mm, dated 03/53.00 Zeiss Super-Ikonta IV instructions.
35 pages, 75x120mm, dated 09/56.00 Zeiss Continamatic II III instruction book.
30 pages, 90x130mm, date coded 09/59.00 Kodak Bantams (with UK prices).
Date coded 2/83.00 Asahi Pentax Takumar Interchangeable lens Operating Manual, 30 pages, 105x145mm (SP-II era).00 Asahi Pentax Instruction book for extension tubes, bellows unit, copy stand microscope adapter.
7th edition, May 1972.
293 pages, 210x295mm (new, sealed).95 Minolta SR Guide.270 pages, 145x220mm, hardback Sold Complete Rollei TLR User's Manual.Sales leaflet.00 Braun Paxette Electromatic instruction book.Andrew Matheson, 1st English Edition, September 1986.24 pages, 105x150mm.00 Braun Gloriette.English/German/French/Spanish text.00 Criterion Triaxle Camera and Photographic Equipment.49 pages, 100x160mm, date coded 10/69.00 Zeiss Tables for the Contarex.24 pages, 140x220mm,.1954.