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Total Control URC-4140 PDF Instruction Manual (remote also known as Crest URC-4140) URC-xxxx Remotes (30) Lists a number of URC-xxxx models.
Philips-Magnavox PM525S PDF Manual.
UR74A PDF code list.RM-VL700 Code List PDF code list.RM-V15 (23) RM-V18A Instructions from Sony Internet (also reported to work with RM-V14).DRC-800 PDF remote manual for DRC800 4-in-1 universal remote control.General Codes (32) Codes for most ueic, One For All, and Radio Shack remotes.This appears to be the same as the Mosaic touch screen remote.RM-V202 PDF instruction manual.RMT-V231B Also reported to work with RMT-D102A (Sony DVD RMT-109A, RMT-D116A, RMT-D120A, RMT-158C, RMT-D185A, RMT-V201A, RMT-V203, RMT-V229, bejeweled de luxe 2 crack RMT-V231A, RMT-V232C (Sony VCR RMT-V266, RMT-V306, RMT-V307, RMT-V402, RMT-V504A RM-V201 PDF instructions.Quick Link Index, note: None of this mein heim 3d professional 3.0 keygen information is guaranteed to be correct.Various Models (43) Covers the following models: shimokita glory days episode 1 JR300, JR400, JR500, JR800 Various Models (43) Covers the following models: SC-310, SC-320, SC-330, SC-331, SC-340, SC-360 SC-540, SC-545, SC-555, SC-570, SC-590, SC-595 SC-300 Series - PDF #1 SC-300 Series - PDF #2 SC-310, SC-320, SC-330, SC-340, and.SC-300 Series, pDF code file for models SC-310, SC-320, SC-330, SC-340, and more?The instructions may also work for the PM435.Philips PM335 Manual PDF remote manual.Covers the following models: JR300, JR400, JR500, JR800.
But have some universal capabilities so that they can control various other units in your system.
Little Easy One For All "Little Easy" remote instructions.
RM-V11 Also reported to work with RM-V10A.Memorex: Memorex VR3 PDF file containing codes.General Codes (30) Codes for most ueic, One For All, and Radio Shack remotes.Troubleshooting and Repair of Hand Held Remotes.Various Models (23) Covers the following models: RM-EZ2, RM-NX7000, RM-V10, RM-V10A, RM-V11, RM-V12, RM-V15 RM-V18A, RM-V201, RM-V202, RM-V21, RM-V22, RM-V30, RM-V301 RM-V302, RM-V40, RM-V401, RM-V402, RM-V60, RM-V7, RM-V701 RM-V801, RM-V8, RM-V8A, RM-VL700, RM-VL900 RM-AV2000, RM-AV2100, RM-AV3000 Remote Code Search (23) Covers a number of different.

The remote model number is rrmcga086awsa.
Note a lot of these remotes are not really universal - they come with TVs, VCRs, DSS systems, etc.