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You can put all your usual modifiers after the second slash (such as i for case-insensitivity).
When you create your test data, make sure you also include those edge cases.Matching a user name (via t) function validate_username( username ) if(preg match a-zA-Z0-9 3,16 _GETusername) return true; return false; Matching an xhtml/XML tag (via t) function get_tag( tag, xml ) tag preg"(tag preg_match_all(.tag.Used by: PHP.2.0 (and higher Delphi, xE (and higher Julia, Notepad Version Released Version Released 1 4 Languages: C# Version Released SE8 Version Released.2.8.5 Version Released. Oniguruma Version Released Initial.9.Those automata define what's called context-free grammars in Chomsky's Hierarchy.Learning to Use Regular Expressions, each section of this article has a bit of code on the left for reference while youre reading what the code actually does on the right side of the page.The bat took a bite out of the big boring apple.When this happens don't worry.Keep reading below to get started with regular expressions or skip to one of the following sections.
A brief overview of how to use regex syntax with PHP.
To do this, go into: Preferences/ Settings - Find - Incremental Search - Uses And change the value from Plain text to Regular Expressions This is not the only editor so if you prefer another editor then you should see if it supports regular expressions.
Basic knowledge about regular expressions is required to use the tool.
Expreso Expresso is a free award winning regular expression cho aniki zero cso development tool.
It's part of learning and it's generally easy to get yourself out of trouble.
Its best to go through the tutorial top to bottom, as each section builds upon the last.Regex Tutorial, this tutorial is a step-by-step teaching tool to learn every aspect of regular expression usage.Regular expressions in Rails are bracketed by forward-slash, so a regular expression looks like this: /0-9.281 7 xii Table of Contents 7: Perl 283 Regular Expressions as a Language Component 285 Perl's Greatest Strength 286 Perl's Greatest Weakness 286 Perl's Regex Flavor 286 Regex Operands and Regex Literals 288 How Regex Literals Are Parsed 292 Regex Modifiers 292 Regex-Related Perlisms.You may wish to process certain files in a directory, but only if they meet particular conditions, in work you are doing on the command line.You can play with regex in a helpful environment and make sure your syntax is correct before pushing it live.Extreme regex foo: what you need to know to become a regular expression pro In this article youll learn about greedy.Txt2re A regex generator that uses a color-based table for visual cues to help you write regular expressions more efficiently.

Regular Expressions Cheat Sheet, a one-page reference sheet.
Anything highlighted in blue is text which the regular expression has matched.