pc2 bullet chronograph instruction manual

Let us say that you brought two different loads of ten rounds each to test (20 rounds in total).
Increase distance from Chrony.
Press and hold the FU button until display flashes.
If you purchased it keygen paradox photoshop cs3 extended in a country that uses the metric system, it will record and read in metres per second (MPS).Getting started THE best WAY TO learn TO USE THE shooting chrony It is not necessary to understand all the functions of the instrument immediately.O.K., NOW YOU hack gunz 2it viet nam ARE ready Until you are familiar with the Chrony, shoot inexpensive ammo, such as airgun-pellets.22 rimfire bullets.E) Err 2 shows on screen; the second sensor did not detect the passage of the bullet.It is called standard because it is computed in such a way that it has a standard meaning when compared to the normal curve.Always wear EYE AND EAR protection when chronygraphing.Be sure that the Chrony is aligned with the line of fire.Muzzle loaders AND other black powder firearms : In addition to protecting the face of the Chrony from wads and patches, you may cover the slots (eyes) of the photo sensors with strong and clear tape or Protective Shields (Fig.4) to prevent powder residue from.It has temporary (working) memory only.When in this mode, all symbols are flanked by horizontal double bars such as, etc.; The Timer is shot-activated, not sound-activated.If you now turn the Chrony OFF and then ON again, the readout will be as it was, when set at the factory.
Retrieve Statistics (Hi, Lo, Average, etc.) 4, 6, trouble Shoot 6, remove A Single Shot 5, remove All Content From Memory 5, change From FPS To MPS Or Vice Versa 5, turn Sensors OFF/ON.
On sunny days, the Chrony may be tilted sideways toward the sun, so that the Diffusers are between the sun and the photocells.
When you have fired 32 shots, it will display the number 32 and then the velocity.
Have a notebook and pen with you to record your results and to make notes.
This Remote Control lets you access all Alpha functions from the shooting bench.Set up a suitable target against the backstop.Sensors disable/enable while in operational mode Press and release left button until -Av- displays; hold the left button until -SE- displays, release button and FE or ME will display.Be sure that the Chrony unit remains fully open, and that it is perfectly aligned with the target.Your Chrony will go with you anywhere.Stereo jack On the left-hand side near the front of the Alpha Chrony is a Stereo Jack that will accept a 16' (5 m) cord for the optional one-button Remote Control.