Living Bomb : Mana cost reduced to be the same as Arcane Explosion.
Shield Specialization (Protection) moved to Tier 1, now increases rage by 2 on a successful block.
Bash : The interrupt from this ability will now work on targets who are immune to the stun.Save concussive shot for when you need the extra slow, such as when you get interrupted during kiting and iso for xbox 360 need to get the enemy back at range.Imp effect reduced to 10 increased fire damage, down from.The duration of its range-increasing effect has been reduced to 6 seconds, down from.2018 ( FAQ page Added page.2019 ( addons page Added information about nochanneling macros for Marksmanship.Haunt freeable halo pc game will now heal for 100.Summons an Army of the Dead ghoul for each burst Festering Wound.New Talents include: Stormkeeper Charge yourself with lightning, causing your next 2 Lightning Bolts or Chain Lightnings to be instant and trigger an Elemental Overload on every target.
Force of Nature (Balance Cooldown reduced to 2 minutes, down from.
Divine Plea : This spell's duration is no longer affected by haste.
Cooldown reduced to 25 seconds and no longer requires a target, though the hunter has to be in combat.
Earth's Grasp (Elemental) is now a tier-1 talent, up from tier-2.
Challenging Shout cooldown reduced to 3 minutes.
Survival Very high sustained AoE damage.
Devilsaur Eye now increases your pet's attack power for a short duration instead of increasing its critical strike chance.Mage Mages again have Arcane Intellect increasing allies Intellect.Shield Slam is now available to all warriors, starting at level 40 and damage slightly increased.Improved Bloodrage (Protection) now increases rage generation of both the instant and over-time effects by 25/50.From Wowpedia, jump to: navigation, search, contents, patch.0.2 Echoes of Doom was a major content patch heralding the release of the.