Also new was a revised instrument panel with a horizontal sweep speedometer replacing the hanuman chalisa telugu ebook round pod instruments and new interior door handles.
In 1988 the.8 engine was changed over to the 3800 (vin code C) motor, while 1989 saw slight changes in the layout of the engine bay accessories (notably the position of the battery, washer fluid tank, and coolant overflow tank).Meanwhile, the Estate Wagon continued on largely unchanged through 1990.New integrated seat and shoulder belts were introduced this year along with a federally mandated interlock system that required the driver and right front passenger to buckle their seat belts in order to start the vehicle.Four-door pillared and hardtop sedans retained the same rooflines as 1973 but the two-door hardtop coupe featured a new roofline with a side rear opera windows.Engine offerings were shuffled a bit for 60 minutes australia episodes 1980 with the standard Buick 231 V6 and optional 350 V8 carried over from 1979, with the Buick 350 making its last appearance this year.3 Under the hood, the 401-cubic-inch V8 was replaced in LeSabre sedans and coupes by a smaller 300-cubic-inch V8 designed for the upsized Special/Skylark intermediates that replaced the aluminum V8 in those vehicles.38.8 in (986 mm).9 in (988 mm) Rear Hip Room.9 in (1,572 mm).7 in (1,415 mm) Rear Shoulder Room.5 in (1,613 mm).5 in (1,537 mm) Luggage Capacity.7 cu ft (558 L).8 cu ft (589 L) 1979 Buick LeSabre "Palm Beach Edition" Coupe 1978 Following a major downsizing and redesign, the 1978 Buick LeSabre received only minor.Drivetrains were unchanged from 1964 with the 250-horsepower two-barrel carbureted 300-cubic-inch V8 the standard powerplant on all models with a standard three-speed manual transmission or optional four-speed manual or two-speed Super Turbine 300 automatic.A new (and seldom ordered) option was an "Air Cushion Restraint System" which included a frequency dictionary of english pdf driver- and passenger-side airbags along with a unique four-spoke steering wheel.The LeSabre also featured GM's plastic body technologies, with high-stress plastic replacing traditional steel in the front fenders.A new and rarely ordered option this year was a floor-mounted four-speed manual transmission.In addition to Custom trim level standard equipment, this model included "90th Anniversary" badging, cassette player, cruise control, rear window defogger, power driver's seat, carpeted floor mats, exterior pinstripes, and choice of wire or aluminum wheel covers.
The cars were also a bit lighter in weight for improved fuel economy along with the slightly more aerodynamic sheet metal which made the 1980 models look a little bigger than their 197779 counterparts but overall dimensions changed very little.
Station wagons were offered through 1964 and then dropped for several years until being reintroduced in 1970 and continued until 1990 after which year they were moved to the revived Roadmaster series.
Those items were made standard equipment on all LeSabres (and Wildcats) effective January 1, 1970.
The 252 V6 was dropped from the option list but all other engines returned including the 231 V6 (standard on coupes and sedans or optional Oldsmobile 307 gasoline V8 (standard on wagons, optional on sedans and coupes) and Oldsmobile 350 Diesel V8 (optional all models).
The new styling included slanted headlights in front along with a chromey square grille somewhat similar to the 1958 Buick and "Delta-wing" fins back along with round taillights.This meant that from 1981 onward, V8-powered Buicks would feature Oldsmobile engines, both gasoline and diesel.A new 350-cubic-inch V8 replaced the previous 340.The Limited was the premium trim level featuring alloy wheels, front hood ornament, and fold down access panels in the rear seat to access the trunk.There is a V12 for the Buick LeSabre (5.00L) which originated in 1953.2 19 Buick LeSabre was only moderately changed from the previous year with bodies taking on a few extra inches to give them a longer look along with new grilles and taillights.6 Some of those options included blacked-out trim, gray-on-black seats (1987 only gray-on-black door panels, gray dash and trim, and T-Type specific front and rear spoilers.Check for this code in your owners manual - it will usually be either a sticker or small card in the booklet.New options for 1967 included front disc brakes and a stereo 8-track tape player.Le Sabre show car designed by, harley Earl ; that car is often mistakenly attributed to the.Engine offerings were unchanged from 1977 on most models, but the LeSabre Sport Coupe was now powered by a turbocharged 231 cubic-inch V6 with a four-barrel carburetor.The top-line LeSabre Limited became the LeSabre Limited Collectors Edition to mark the end of an era for the rear-drive sedan and coupe.Following the demise of the Buick 350 V8 after this year, Buick would only build V6 engines as a result of GM's emerging corporate engine policy dictating types of engines built by various divisions for use throughout the corporate lineup.Again, base and Custom model LeSabres were offered in the same sedan and coupe bodystyles while the convertible was a Custom-only offering.

Both the 350 and 455 V8s were carried over from 1971 with horsepower ratings switched the new SAE net figures based on an engine as installed in an automobile with accessories and emission controls hooked up, rather than the gross horsepower method of past years.
The V6 was standard in base and Custom coupes and sedans, the 301 V8 on the new LeSabre Sport Coupe and the 350 V8 on the Estate Wagon.