If your tape is stuck to picture style editor canon 7d the display panel, you can either apply more heat to strip the tape and reseat it on the bezel.
In the top-left, we have the ribbon cable (yellowish-brown color) covering most of the silvery pads (the area that got ripped off from that other piece of glass two images ago) and then the traces vanish under the black whatever-that-is protecting the traces from the.
Since they had no replacements in stock, I got a refund instead.
The protective layer on top of the traces is so thick that the bead's slope on each side creates obvious highlights and shadows.Step 2, disconnect the battery cable from the motherboard.You can snap the back shell in place once again after tightening all the screws.As much as I hate to sound like a Apple fan boy, at medal of honor 2010 crack torrent least you can fix an ipad digitizer for 30 bucks if you are willing to burn an hour or two.The shell is very easy to remove and does not require a great amount of force to come off of the N7s body.Remove the black tape that covers the LCD display cables.What sucks is that I feel responsible for breaking it although it was never dropped or handled roughly, and from the posts around the web, I can tell that it is a waste of time to try to get Asus to stand behind their product.This effects the availability of such parts.Secure the chassis in place using the screws removed in step.
Reattach the black tape from step 3 to the motherboard.
You can do this by pushing forward and giving pressure to each side of the plug in a rocking fashion.
It should split apart with minimal effort, aside from the large yellow data strip that runs down the middle of the body.
They make a left turn just outside the LCD's edge, which is also covered in black on the right side.
Although flexible flat cables usually have at least.1mm worth of reinforcement material to help stiffen the connection area, the tiny traces are still fragile and care should be taken to avoid uneven pulling/pushing/bending.
The motherboard end of the lvds ribbon is a simple slim-stack connector that pops out with even prying force on both sides, while the LCD end uses.3mm pitch flexible flat cable connector.Since my old panel's ribbon is never going to be of any use, there's no harm in ripping it off and having a look at its contacts.Two black.25 millimeter screws will be removed, as well as thirteen silver.2 millimiter screws.Who knows what sort of stresses may have been put on that ribbon as it slipped between foam pads during shipping and how much damage it may have caused to contact bonding on the glass.There's not much else I can do about it at this point, though.You should only use this guide as reference, as there is always a chance you may damage your device even further by opening.After looking at it under various lighting conditions while it was off, I could see a hair line crack in the display/digitzer stack.You can find spare parts on Amazon using this link.The digitizer worked on the narrow side of the crack and not on the other two thirds of the screen.So, after following this guide you will have successfully installed a new screen/digitizer combo onto your Nexus.Repair process, step 1, after finding a suitable workspace, begin by separating the Nexus back shell from its bezel by lightly prying with a spudger or guitar pick.It was offset by less than a millimeter and askew by maybe two degrees.The prying fun began a little earlier than I expected.Most curiously, its glass-side contacts (bottom edge, where my finger is) show no sign of damage or having ever been attached to the glass.