manual for minolta maxxum 400si

The Minolta 9000 was compatible with Minolta AF accessories, including a full range of lenses in Minolta A-mount, flash units, and various other accessories such as a 5-frame/second motor winder, 4 a 100-exposure magazine and several backs.
1991 Minolta Dynax or Maxxum 7xi 35mm AF SLR with LCD viewfinder and eye sensor.Finder: Pentaprism finder, diopter correction, 94 coverage.81x magnification Display: LCD displays on body and in the view finder Film advance: Manual lever and rewind crank, add-on winder (2fps, manual rewind) and motordrive (5fps, motorized rewind) units available Weight: 645 g (1.422 lb) Dimensions: 5392139 mm Sources.Every camera took the full image size, and the film itself was on a different type of transparent base, with a magnetic coating capable of recording frame-by-frame erasable and reprogrammable data (IX, or Information Xchange, format).Note Japanese model number Alpha 707si.1994 Minolta Riva Zoom 135EX/Freedom Zoom 135EX 35mm AF leaf shutter camera with 38-135mm zoom lens.It laid the foundation for the design of the later 9 and 7 models, and the 7D in turn.New York Times calling it "The first 35-millimeter automatic-focusing camera built for professional use" 1 and "revolutionary 2 and, leif Ericksenn, editor-in-chief of, photo Methods magazine calling it "one of the most astonishing cameras of the decade".1997 Minolta Vectis GX-4, advanced Photo System leaf shutter camera with unique design, water resistant.Worlds first 35mm AF SLR camera with a guide number 20 built-in flash.
Further notes: the S-1 was an exceptional camera and the range of Vectis S lenses launched cho aniki zero cso to go with it were said to have resolutions twice as high as the models for 35mm film, accompanied by accuracy of assembly and mount registration to match.
The shutter was capable of the then-extremely short exposure time of 1/4000 seconds, as well as of 1/250 second synchronisation.
1992 Minolta Dynax or Maxxum 5xi 35mm AF SLR with built-in Zoom Flash.
See also the final entry, for the Dynax.Konica Minolta XG Series, pages - 1 2, other user manuals for Konica Minolta brand.Konica Minolta Revio Series, konica Minolta Riva Zoom Series, konica Minolta SR Series.See note on 7xi reference the LCD viewfinder wording of the poster text.The 1990s 1990 Minolta Dynax 8000i or Maxxum 8000i.Ed: Three other GX models, each individually styles, were launched as GX-1, 2 and 3 for different lifestyle marketing concepts.1 The autofocus allowed not only quick focusing on static subjects, but also continuous focus.