learn to crack websense security

Launch XSS Tunnel and wait for victim.
It will check the url and try to discover basic information about the system.
Configure XSS Tunnel to use XSS Shell Server.Once if an attacker finds XSS in a web application, he can perform different kinds of attacks.SameOrigin policy defines that the script which is coming from the foreign site or the script that doesnt belongs to the same domain (i.e main) should not be processed by the application.Attacker can extract the results from the database and look at it whenever he wants.Some of the commands that XSS Interface provides are: Get Cookie, get Current Page, get Clipboard, get Key-logger data Crash browser One more advantage of using XSS Shell is, it is an Open Source and quite easy to implement new commands.Ex: http localhost/xssshell (or) m/xssshell By default it uses port 80, but if you change the port number while configure the domain you need to access the site by embedding the port number.It is quite different from the other two attacks described earlier.Configure the browser or tool to use XSS Tunnel.You can edit to whatever you want.Stealing Credentials, stealing Session tokens, defacing the Website, causing DOS.You get a success message if the configuration is proper.Click on Start Menu and goto Control Panel.
A new Windows Features dialog box will appear.
With XSS, attacker has only one shot to execute any kind of attack spider man web of shadows crack 1.0 on victim.
How to use sqlmap to exploit a vulnerable web application and see what can be done with such a tool.
Commands section contains all the commands supported by the shell.
Installing Key loggers and many more.
Normally these applications take the message into a parameter and renders back to the users.
On the basis of the request server establishes a channel to interact with the victim.Python -u http: p?id51. Then you can see all the actions performed by the victim from XSS Tunnels Dashboard. .After moving the db folder to a secure place, configure the path in p file under XSSshell/admin folder.Copy XSSshell folder to your web server.How XSS Shell works: As shown in the figure, initially attacker establishes a connection with the XSS Shell and injects malicious script into the web Application using Stored or Reflected XSS.This is because the Document Object Model of the browser has a capability to determine the URL used to load the current page.Post a message rafraichir, newsletter, sponsored by, follow us, a compiled crackme.So just make sure that you have installed.NET framework and MS-Access db on your machine.Secondly the user visits the crafted page and the script is executed in the back-end without the knowledge of the user.Microsoft Access database (.mdb) A Website which is vulnerable to XSS A vulnerable site to perform attack Setting up the environment: Download the xssshell from: Configure IIS to host the site Installation Configure XSS Shell Configuring IIS: In-order to configure IIS in windows.

XSSshell is admin interface and you need to configure it in your machine.
Configuring XSS Shell: Open p from XSSshell folder.