kenwood kdc 7009 manual

Tuning mode Display Operation Auto seek Auto1 Automatic search for a station.
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13 Date Adjust 1 sec.Random play 3 Randomly plays the music in the disc or folder.The Scan paly operation cannot be performed while iPod/ Media Editer media is playing.CD Read 1 2 Sets the CD read mode.Preset station seek Auto2 Search in order of the stations in the Preset memory.Disc Audio file play functions Drop open the faceplate Release.Attempt to insert using an adapter can cause malfunction.
14 Date Mode 7 types 1 sec.
Preset tuning 1 - 6 Recalls the memorized station.
Switches between ON (Scan yashica lm owner's manual ON/ File Scan ON) and OFF each time this button is pressed.
(No sound is output while playing audio file.) Folder search Control knob Changes the folder containing the audio file when pushing toward up or down.
Presets the setting value of the audio control.Name Set 1 sec.Print, print page 1, rename the bookmark, delete from my manuals?Music search Control knob Changes the music when pushing toward left or right.23 Dimmer OFF/ ON* Dims the display part in conjunction with the light switch of the vehicle.A side Text icon/ Source icon Sets the Type C side icon display.Disc play Disc slot Starts playing when a disc is inserted.3 inch (8 cm) CD cannot be used.13 SRC Select 1 2 Sets the source selection method.23 Supreme OFF/ ON* Turns ON/OFF the Supreme function.Manual Manual Normal manual tuning control.23 Scroll Auto Manual Specifies whether the text is scrolled automatically.23 Audio Preset 1 sec.

When a CD is inserted, the IN indicator.
Fast reverses or forwards the music while keeping pushing toward left or right.
M Presets a station.